Sunday, 1 December 2013

11 joys I have rediscovered since becoming a mum

Having kids keeps you young, they tell me. Some days I feel like I have aged 10 years in 14 months, but I get what they mean. Being a mum has rekindled my love of things that were all but ignored in the face of adulthood. Here are 11 things that I forgot I loved but truly do:

  1. Tents: O was given a little circus tent for his birthday, and we have such fun diving in and out of it, hiding and bursting out to the giggles of the other person, or racing to see who can get there in first. Sometimes we just lie in there and stare at the peaked roof. Looking forward to the fort-building stage of his life!
  2. Splashing: In the bath, in the water table thingo, at the dinner table... It's so much fun to get head-to-toe wet for no reason other than the sheer joy of watching water fly about the place. Wooden floors we can treat, but this splashing phase wont last forever. Better enjoy it while we can.
  3. Cutlery-free eating: Sometimes, to encourage O to eat, I have my own plate of food. That works reasonably well, but I get a better result when I dive in fork-free.
  4. Jumping on the bed: No, I don't (*shifty eyes*)
  5. Squealing: Sometimes, in the face of a frustrated, squealing toddler, all you can do is join in.
  6. Playing the "drums": Banging a pot with a wooden spoon is surprisingly therapeutic.
  7. Dancing like a goober: Fortunately our little dude enjoys San Cisco, Kasabian and Juzzy T.
  8. Sultanas: Why oh WHY did I give up these tasty little morsels? SO good in my belly.
  9. Chasey: I'm not gonna lie to ya... I usually win.
  10. Teething toys: Hot damn they're satisfying to chew!
  11. Crawling: Not the worst mode of transport out there. Mostly I'm a charging bull, heading straight for the tent...
Being a mum has been great from day one, but being the mum of a toddler is crazy fun. So go on... Grab a teething ring and chew out your frustrations.

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